Bibliographic Information: Nelson, K. (2013). Nelson Mandela. Katherine Tegen Books: HarperCollins Publishers.

Brief Annotation: Nelson Mandela, a brilliant lawyer, whom fought against apartheid and segregation laws. He defended and inspired many until the day he was arrested and jailed for twenty-seven and half years. He later became president of South Africa and demonstrated the determination of one man’s promise to make his country equal for all.

Genre: Nonfiction

Grade Level: 5

Readers who would like this: children whom like Historical Nonfiction books; children learning about segregation laws; children whom want to learn more about Nelson Mandela.

Rating/Response (1-4): 4; This story is very inspirational and gives hope to every reader from every background. This illustration not only provides information about segregation in South Africa, but also how one individual promoted change for a better future. This gives readers hope in a brighter future, regardless of the situation they are in today.

Text-Dependent Question: What was Nelson Mandela’s message to his people while he was in jail?

Strategy: Learning Logs; In this strategy students write in learning logs where they can write questions, summaries, reflections, etc about what they learned from the readings. This helps teachers see if their students are understanding the key ideas of the text. This is a great strategy because this book provides information that may not be familiar with and by reflecting or asking questions in their quickwrites will allow for personal and academic growth.