Title: If You Plant a Seed

Reference: Nelson, K. (2015). If you plant a seed. Balzer Bray.

Brief Annotation: This is a book about two friends, a bunny and a mouse who plant themselves a small garden. All is going well, and they have plenty of food until birds who were flying overhead come to ask them to share. The bunny and the mouse want it all for themselves, and this starts a feud. The feud can only be mended by selflessness and sharing, which leads to a greater abundance and happiness than they could have ever expected.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-1

Readers who will like this: This would be good for children who are learning the importance of sharing and kindness, and how it comes back to you, sometimes in multiple folds. Children who are planting a community garden, or learning the value of friendship would enjoy reading this book.

Rating/Response: I give this book a 4/4 because it is well illustrated, and sends a clear message that the way to achieve happiness and stay out of trouble is to share, and spread kindness. It teaches a lesson about values to young children, in a way that they are able to understand.

Text Dependent Question: What were the Rabbit and the Mouse planting in their garden?


Venn Diagrams; Page 144

Tompkins, G. E. (2013). 50 literacy strategies: step by step. Boston: Pearson.

I would read this book, along with It’s Mine! These books are both about the importance of sharing, and helping others. I would then have the students draw a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the two books. They could do this individually, or we could do it as a class. They could then summarize their findings in 1-2 sentences, and display their Venn Diagrams to explain to the class (and teacher).