Title: Henry’s Freedom BoxA true story from the Underground Railroad 

Reference: Levine, E., & Nelson, K. (2007). Henry’s Freedom Box: A true story from the Underground Railroad. New York: Scholastic Press.

Annotation: As a child, Henry and his sisters and brothers worked for a master that was good to them after his master had fallen ill Henry was sent away to his son.He then meets his wife and started a family. When the slave owners were low on money, they sold off his family he then decides to find a way to free himself.

Genre: Historical non-fiction

Grade level: 3-5

Readers who would like this book: Readers who are learning about slavery. It will also inform the reader of how slaves were treated and how they had no say in regards to their family.

Rating: I would rate this book a 4. This book is written in a way that makes elementary students understand what slavery was.

Text-dependent question: Describe the major events of Henry’s life, in order?