Nelson, Kadir. (2014). Baby Bear. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation:This book was about Baby Bear who was lost in the woods and was trying to find his way back home.  Baby Bear receives love and direction from the many forest animals he meets along his journey.

Genre: fiction, children’s picture book

Grade level: K, 1, 2,3

Readers who will like this book:This book would be great for readers who like animals. This book would also be good for children who need to learn about friendship and that they are never alone.

Rating/ Review: I would rate this book a 5 (1-5). I really enjoyed the illustrations and all of the themes that could be pulled out from this book based on different experiences in the world.

Question: What was one animal that helped Baby Bear along the way? What did they do to help him?

Strategies: I think that a Character Web could be beneficial for this reading. A Character Web is where there is a main topic in the middle along with smaller topics branching out. You could have Baby Bear in the middle with the animals he meets along the way as the little topics and what they say as the branches. This would be referring back to the text and could support the theme of friendship along with many others.