Title: Baby Bear

Citation: Nelson, K. (2014). Baby Bear. New York: Balzer & Bray: An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

Annotation: Baby Bear gets lost and can’t find his way back home. So he proceeds to ask other animals he finds if they can help him find his way home. The animals Baby Bear encounters give him good advice, and this good advice eventually leads baby bear back home.

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: K-2nd grade

Readers who would like this book: This would be a good book for early elementary students. This would be a good book to use when teaching students how to ask for help and about what to do if they ever get lost. Students may especially like this book if they like to read books with animals in them.

Response and Rating: I would rate this book a 7. I think this book is a great book to read to early elementary students. It shows the importance of asking for help with problems that are to big to solve themselves.

Text Dependent Question: Which animals does Baby Bear talk to?

Reading Strategy Connection: The Reading strategy I choose for this book is the Open-Mind Portraits Strategy. To Begin the students are asked to draw a picture of the main characters head from the story that they were reading. Then the students are asked to cut out the picture and staple the picture to another outline of the head they just drew. Then the students lift the portrait and draw or write what they think the character was thinking in the book. Then finally the students share their portraits with the class. I think this strategy would be good to use with this book because it would give the students the ability to connect with the story and better understand the thoughts of Baby Bear.