1. Baby Bear
  2. Nelson, Kadir. (2014). Baby Bear. New York: Balzer & Bray.
  3. Baby Bear is unable to find his way home so he asks several animals for help.
  4. Children’s fiction
  5. 1st-2nd
  6. This book is good for readers who are learning about themselves and what to do in difficult or scary situations. Many readers like this book because of the artwork and the fact that they can relate to the feeling of being lost.
  7. 4/4. I really liked this book because it can be used to teach many different lessons, like  what to do when we are lost and to trust yourself. It is good book for the classroom and also one that relates to individuals (many kids can remember a time when they got lost). For me, it reminded me of my dad, because he taught me to trust myself and follow my gut.
  8. How do you think Baby Bear felt throughout the book?