Nelson, K. (2011). Heart and soul: The story of American and African Americans. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation: This book was about the history of African Americans and the struggles they endured to reach freedom.

Genre: historical non-fiction

Grade level: 4,5

Readers who will like this book: This book would be great for readers looking to learn a lot about African American history.

Rating/ Review: I would give this book a 4. (1-5) I think it held a lot of great information, but it was a little lengthy.

Question: What supporting details does the author use to describe the hardships of slavery?

Strategies: I think that this book should be read in small groups so that the reading is broken up between students since it is so long. I think Strategy Cards would be beneficial for this reading. Cards with different roles are passed out to different students. Once everyone has gone through a chapter, the students will complete the role that is given on their card. The teacher will then call on each student to hear their reflection based on their role. The roles include: Questioner, Connector, Predictor, Summarizer, Visualizer, and Key Idea Identifier. Having one role will help the students narrow down the evidence they need to support their claim. They will then have to work on presenting their ideas and listening to their peers to learn about the other inferences that are being made.