Levine, E.& Nelson, K. (2007). Henry’s freedom box: A true story from the Underground Railroad. New York: Scholastic.

Annotation: Henry Brown is a slave whose family has been sold at the slave market. Henry decides he can’t take slavery anymore, and he needs to find a way out. He comes up with a creative plan to mail himself to freedom in a wooden box.

Genre: historical non- fiction

Grade level: 2,3,4

Readers who will like this book: This book would be good for someone looking for a thrilling story. This book would also be good for someone looking for more information on black history or slavery.

Rating/ Review: I would give this book a very high rating. A 5 on a scale 1-5.  I think that the story was very exciting and the pictures were well illustrated.

Question: Was Henry’s escape plan successful? If it was, did anything almost go wrong?

Strategies:I think that creating a play would be a very beneficial reading strategy for this book. The students would have to reflect on what Henry’s point of view was on his journey. They could perform the events but also show his feelings and expand on them. They would also have to work on setting the scene while explaining what is going on during the time period. This is activity is important because students need to be able to understand different points of view. They also need to work on being able to verbalize what they are thinking.