1. If You Plant a Seed
  2. Nelson, K. (2015). If you plant a seed. New York: Balzer & Bray.
  3. In this book, mouse and bunny learn that the seeds of sharing grow into an abundant and sweet garden unlike the seeds of selfishness that create a heap of trouble.
  4. Children’s fiction
  5. K-1
  6. This book would appeal best to children who are are just beginning the school year and are learning the rules. It could also be used throughout the school year as a refresher to students who have not grasped the importance of sharing.
  7. 5/5. I really liked this book because the reader has to focus and analyze the impressive artwork to interpret the meaning of the book. It also taught a fairly simple lesson but could be used to teach many other things, such as, metaphors and emotions.
  8. What happened when mouse and bunny did not share? and what happened when they decided to share?