Title:  If You Plant a Seed

Citation: Nelson, K. (2015). If You Plant a Seed. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation: In this book a bunny and a mouse plant a garden or carrots, tomatoes, and cabbage. Then when all food is ready the bunny and mouse are happy and eat it. However than birds come and want some of the food. However the bunny and the mouse don’t want to share and become angry. Then the bunny, the mouse and the birds all get into a big food fight and end up destroying the whole garden. So then all the animals are sad because now none of them have anything to eat. So in the end the bunny and the mouse and all the birds decide to work together to create a new garden with all types of food so that all of them can share and be happy.

Genre: Picture Book

Grade Level: K- 2nd grade

Readers who would like this book: This book would be a good book for students who need a lesson in sharing and being kind to one another. This would also be a good book for students who enjoy reading books with animals in them.

Response and Rating: I would give this book a 10. I think it is an appropriate book for students who need a lesson in how to share and how to be kind to one another. This book also displays how to work together as a team to achieve a common goal. In the case of this book the common goal was to create a garden that all animals to eat the food.

Text Dependent Question: What happened when the Mouse and Bunny decided not to share their food?

Reading Strategies Connection: The Reading Strategy that I would use while reading this book is the Shared Reading Strategy. To begin the teacher reads the story and follows the words they are reading with the end of a pencil so that the students can follow. Then the teacher invites the students to talk about the story and to ask questions. Then the teacher will reread the story, once again following the words with the end of a pencil. The teacher then proceeds to read the story multiple times to her students over a number of weeks. Once the student becomes familiar with the story the teacher then distributes copies of the story for the children to read on their own. I think this strategy would be good to use with this book as this book is fairly easy to read to begin with and easy to follow and understand.