Bibliographic Information: Nelson, K. (2015). If you plant a seed. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation: In this book, bunny and mouse plant vegetable seeds. Once the plants are ready to eat, the birds wanted some yummy veggies too. However, bunny and mouse do not want to share. Eventually, they realize that sharing and acts of kindness always has a better outcome.

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Grade Level: PreK-1

Readers who would like this: Children learning how to make friends; Children whom may not be able to read; Children learning The Golden Rule.

Rating/Response(1-4): 4; This book is great for children whom are learning to read. Every page is filled with illustrations with few words but it sends a strong message to its readers. I also loved the facial expressions conveyed through the animals, this adds more emotions to the story.

Text-Dependent Question: What happened when bunny and mouse didn’t shared their veggies?