Nelson, K. (2013). Nelson Mandela. New York: Katherine Tegen Book.

Annotation:This book was about a boy  named Nelson who watched his country of South Africa become captured and segregated by Europe. As Nelson grows older, he develops a passion to make South Africa into the peaceful and equal country it once was.

Genre: Non-fiction

Grade level: Grades 2,3,4

Readers who will like this book: This book would be good for readers looking for an inspiring story. This book would also be good for someone who is looking to learn more information about heroes in  black history.

Rating/ Review: I would give this book a very high rating of a 5 (1-5). The illustrations opened the world of Nelson Mandela’s story. The story was very easy to read yet it held a lot of information of his passions and hardships.

Question: What was one way Nelson Mandela fought for his country?

Strategies: I think that a Character Perspective Chart would be useful for this book.  The students have to describe the main character,  setting, main problem, and overall goal. This is appropriate because Nelson Mandela does experience a major problem of his country being segregated and has an overall goal of reaching equality. Students need to work on pulling out important main points from the text in order to be able to apply it to their own life.