Baby Bear : By Kadir Nelson

Nelson, K.(2014) Baby bear(First ed.).New York: Balzer + Bray, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

A baby bear who couldn’t find his way home, and asked for help from different animals. Each animal had their own ideas for how the baby bear could return home, that eventually led him back home.

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: K-3

Readers who love amazing illustrations, and animals will enjoy reading this book.

Personal Response: I thought  this book was an amazing book, because the baby bear who thought was alone, was never alone through out the entire book. Kadir Nelson has amazing illustrations, that made the animals look realistic. I rate Baby Bear five stars, because of how enjoyable it was to read.

Text Dependent Question: How does the author show baby bear’s feelings?

A). Reading strategies that would help a student read this book is word recognition.

B). Word recognition will provide the student to make their own connections, before bringing in their prior knowledge of the book.

C).  Word recognition is the right strategy for the book Baby Bear, because it makes the student think and make inferences from their own prior knowledge.