Bibliographic information: Nelson, K. (2014). Baby Bear. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation: This is a story about a baby bear who is lost, and can’t find his way home. He has to ask several animals for help along the way, and they each give him a suggestion on how to help solve his problem.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: k-1

Readers who will like this book:  Children who are afraid of getting lost, or children who struggle to solve their problems.

Personal Response and Rating: 4/5. I think that this book is great for showing children that there are several ways to solve the same problem. I really enjoyed the pictures in the book as well, my favorite page was the one with Baby Bear’s eyes big and wide staring.

Text Dependent Question: What did Baby Bear’s friends suggest he do to find his way home? How do you think Baby Bear felt when he was lost? How do you think he felt when he found his home?