Bibliographic Information: Nelson,K.,& Rago, M.(2011). Hear and Soul: The story of America and African Americans. New York: Blazer Bray.

Annotation: Heart and Soul breaks down and tells American and African American history. The narrator goes into detail about the experiences of African Americans and how they fought for justice and equality in a country that was divided by color.

Genre: Informational

Grade Level: 6th-8th

Readers who will like this book: I think students who are learning about Black History, and American history would find this piece interesting. Students who enjoy visual aids would like this book.

Personal response and rating: 5/5 I personal liked this book and would use it in a classroom because it breaks down and goes into depth about African American history  and tough issues that people of color faced in a way that is attention grabbing and easy for students and young readers to grasp and appreciate.

Text dependent question: What contributions were made by African Americans during the civil war?

Reading strategies: Because this reading material is dense and contains a lot of information a strategy that could be used is Clusters. Using clusters can provide students with a visual representation of their thoughts, main points, and topics found in the book. Students select a topic and create a chart  and then have students draw rays that contain the big ideas of that topic.