Bibliographic information: Nelson, K., & Rago, M. (2011). Heart and Soul: The Story of America and African Americans. New York: Balzer Bray.

Annotation: Heart ans Soul covers significant historical events in America that impacted African Americans greatly. This story took us through the obstacles of the narrators uncle Pap and others, to fight long and hard to get where they are today.

Genre: Historical non-fiction, Informational

Grade Level: 6-8

Readers who will like this book: People interested in the history of America, students studying African Americans, and teachers teaching about these events.

Personal Response and Rating: 5/5. I liked how Kadir was able to tie in so many different events into one book. I also liked the emotions that the pictures portrayed, and how they connected well to the story. Overall I enjoyed reading Heart and Soul.

Text Dependent Question: What are three historical events that Pap lived through? How does this story relate to other information that you have learned about the same events?