Bibliographic Information: Nelson,K.(n.d). If You Plant a Seed

Annotation: If you plant a seed is about a rabbit and a mouse that learn the importance of kindness, sharing, and cooperation through planting a garden.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: Pre-Kindergarden-1st grade

Readers who will like this book:I think that young students would like to read this book because they are beginning to start new friendships and are in a new environment where they need to know how to share with their peers. I also think that young readers who are interested in gardening and animals would enjoy reading this book.

Personal response and rating: 5/5I enjoyed reading this book; I think as a future teacher this would be a great book to bring into the classroom early on in the school year to teach students about sharing, being kind, and creating new friendships. Overall this book is beautiful with its vivid illustrations and moral of the story. Because of the sparse text, it offers readers to observe what is happening in the story and come up with their response and interpretation.

Text dependent question: How did the rabbit and the mouse react when the birds approached their garden?

Reading strategies connection: Teachers can use Book Boxes as a strategy to enhance the students comprehension of the book. Students will create a decorative box that will contain important objects and pictures that were mentioned in the book. Later students can share with classmates what objects and pictures they chose to put in their box an why those specific objects and pictures are important to the story. This strategy is useful because it helps students with their vocabulary and build background knowledge with the objects in their boxes.