Title: If You Plant a Seed

Reference: Nelson, K. (2015). If You Plant A Seed. New York: Blazer & Bray.

Annotation: The bunny and mouse learn a big lesson on sharing and being kind.

Genre: Fiction

Grade lever: K-2

Readers who would like this book: Children would love this book of the are learning about how to treat other people and how to share and what happens if you choose not to.

Rating: I would rate this a 4. This book is a well-illustrated book with a critical moral lesson that little kids have to learn.

Text-dependent question: What seeds did the bunny and mouse plant?

Strategy: Learning Logs

With this strategy, I would let students draw a picture of what they have learned about sharing. They would write the word “sharing” at the top of the page and then draw a picture of what it looks like.