Title: Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom

Reference: Weatherford, C. B. & Nelson, K. (2006). Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom. New York: Disney.

Brief Annotation: This book is about Harriet Tubman’s journey to freedom, and her commitment to helping her people find freedom as well. Not only did she escape slavery, but she had the courage to go back to the south 19 times in order to help 300 slaves escape to freedom using the underground railroad.

Genre: Biography

Grade Level: 3.5

Interest Level: Students in grades 3-5 would be interested in this book.

Personal Response: The text an inspirational testament of compassion and selflessness. It shows children that people have to take care of, and support one another. This is also a wonderful representation of the how Harriet’s culture and religion influenced her decisions and understanding of the world.

Text-Dependent Question: What did Harriet decide to do once she was free? Where did she go?

Reading Strategies from Tompkins:

  1. A) K-W-L Charts
  2. B) In this strategy, the teacher has the students break up a piece of paper into three columns. In the first column, the students write what they know. In the second they write what they want to learn, and in the third they write what they learned after reading the assignment. The columns would be completed in order starting with K “What we know.”
  3. C) I would use this strategy to get the students thinking about what they know about Harriet Tubman, the Underground Railroad, and slavery. By having them do this, I will be able to tell what knowledge they started with so that I can gauge what they learned. Asking them to write what they want to know gets them thinking about what they do not know. Then as they read, they will find answers and clarifications. By having them write what they learned, I will be ensuring that they reflected on the reading. Also, this reading strategy is approved for this grade level.