Bibliographic Information: Weatherford, C. B. & Nelson, K. (2006). Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom. New York: Disney.

Annotation: This story is about Harriet Tubman, a brave courageous woman, whom led her people to freedom through the underground railroad. Harriet is led to freedom with the help of God through prayer.

Genre: Nonfiction

Grade level: 3-5

Reader who will like this book: Children of all ages; Children interested in stories about Harriet Tubman; Children whom like historical nonfiction books.

Rating/Response(1-4): 4; Harriet’s connection with God throughout this book is admirable. She leans on Him like a child asking for guidance. Harriet led many slaves to freedom with the help of God’s guidance and protection.

Text-Dependent Question: How did Harriet know who to trust?