Bibliographic Information: Nelson,K.(2013). Nelson Mandela. New York: Harper Collins Childrens Book Group.

Annotation: Kadir Nelson gives a glimpse into the influential life of Nelson Mandela by informing the reader about the beginnings of Mandela’s education, what sparked his interest in South Africa’s politics, and how he fought for justice for the people of South Africa.

Genre: Autobiography and Biography, Informational

Grade Level: 6th- 8th

Readers who will like this book: I think that students who are stating to learn about politics and social justice and black History would benefit and enjoy reading from this book, that also contains powerful images that students will find visually appealing.

Personal response and rating: 5/5 I think that this book is a great way for young readers to jump into learning about other countries histories, politics, and other social justice issues that are in the world. This book is a wonderful tool for teachers to use to teach their students about Nelson Mandela and the powerful influence he had on millions.

Text dependent question: What happened to Nelson when he spoke out against the law?

Reading strategies: Because this book contains such rich content Grand conversation could be a fine strategy to use to examine students oral language and comprehension. The teacher should read the book out loud or have the students read the book individually and then students will create their own reading logs and draw pictures. Then, students can break up into small groups and share what they found interesting and important in the book. Teachers can then start a large classroom discussion on the book and ask questions along the way, possibly compare  book by the same author that has been previously read.