Title: Anno’s Counting Book

Reference: Anno, M. (1977). Anno’s counting book. New York: T.Y. Crowell.

Brief Annotation: This is a book which uses numbers, pictures, and counting blocks to count from 0-12. The book adds one building, one animal (of differing kinds), and one plant per page, starting at zero, and ending with a village of 12 buildings, 12 reigndeer, and 12 pine trees. It uses the counting blocks, and colors them in one by one in order to show what number they are at (in order for a child to be able to count, who may not yet know how to read the number’s symbol).

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: Pre-K to Kindergarten

Readers who might be interested in this book: Children who are learning to count would be interested in this book. It uses many methods for children of all levels to be able to learn to count, even if they don’t know how to understand the symbols that accompany the number.

Rating/Response: I would give this book a 4, because it uses multiple methods to ensure the greatest amount of learning is occurring when reading this book. There are the counting blocks, the number at the top of the page, the number of buildings, the number or plants, and the number of the group of animals that allow the child the best chance at success in understanding what the number means. It provides a visual reference so the child can see what that number looks like in practice.

Text Dependent Question: What animal were there 12 of on the final page of the book?