Bibliographic Information: Giganti, Paul, and Donald Crews. How Many Snails?: A Counting Book. New York: Greenwillow, 1988. Print.

Annotation: The story is about the narrator going on a walk and wondering about the quantities of objects and living things that they encountered.

Genre: Adventure

Grade Level: Pre-K-2nd

Readers who like this book: Young readers who are learning how to count would enjoy this book.

Personal response and rating: 3/4 Although i liked the narration and questions asked throughout the book i did not like the illustrations. I think they could have been more attractive since that is what the readers main focus is on, counting the illustrations. But i think this is a good book to show young counters that they can count anything in their surroundings and environment.

Text dependent question: On the last page of the book, why was there no illustrations and only plane black pages?

Reading strategies: Teachers can use this book for Minilessons. Teachers can introduce and instruct students on an activity where they draw certain objects in the classroom that they can count. Those objects can have specific endings or start with a specific letter. Then together students and teacher can categorize them into groups and count together. This strategy will help students with comprehension, writing, spelling, fluency, phonemic awareness, and vocabulary.