Title: Eric Carle’s Animals Animals

Reference: Carle, E., Carle, E., & Whipple, L. (1989). Eric Carle’s animals, animals. New York: Philomel Books.

Brief Annotation: This is a children’s poem book full of poems about animals. The poems are about animals from all over the globe, and from different time periods. The animals range from African animals, to insects, to dinosaurs. The poems are accompanied by cute illustrations, appropriate for young children.

Genre: Fiction (poetry)

Grade: 4

Readers who might be interested in this: Children who are learning about poetry would be interested in this book. Children who love animals, and love reading about them would enjoy this book. Children who enjoy books by Eric Carle would enjoy this book.

Rating/Response: I would give this book a 3. Although it has adorable illustrations, and the poems are all about animals, some of the poems in the book are slightly complex for elementary age students. It may be difficult for them to grasp, or understand the meaning in the poetry. This does however present the idea that there are different types of poetry, and gives examples of many of them.

Text Dependent Question: What poem’s illustration is so tall that you much turn the book to read it?


Minilessons; Page 74

Tompkins, G. E. (2013). 50 literacy strategies: step by step. Boston: Pearson.

This is a good strategy for this book because it is a good way to introduce the idea of poetry, and how to read and understand it. This would be useful to explain to a class how to read poetry, to introduce the topic so they may be able to use it in the future. They may write their own poems for the unit, or explain to the class what they learned.