Title: The Butterfly

Reference: Polacco, P. (2000). The butterfly. New York: Philomel Books.

Brief Annotation:This story follows a little girl in France during World War II, who finds out she is hiding a Jewish family in her home. She learns how Jewish people are being treated by the Nazis, and realizes how important it is to keep the secret to protect her new friend. One night a neighbor sees her friend, and it is up to her and her mom to help the young Jewish girl escape to safety. This is a story filled with anguish, and fear, but also loyalty, and bravery. This is a great book for children grades 4+.

Genre: Non-fiction

Grade Level: 4-6

Readers who might be interested: Any readers who are learning about WWII or Nazis and Hitler would be interested in this book. Students who want to understand how Jewish people were treated at this time, and the constant fear they must have been feeling. Students who are interested Wars or those who worked during the war to protect Jewish people would enjoy this book.

Rating/Response: I give this book a 4, although it was very dark and sad, and had illustrations to match, it was very educational. The book was extremely well written, and drew the reader in, making them feel the fear, and anguish that Monique and Sevrine must have been feeling during this time of War and violence. It did a good job of explaining what it was like to be alive at this time, and portraying the mistreatment of Jewish peoples under the reign of Hitler and the Nazis.

Text Dependent Question: Where did Monique find the butterflies? Why was this significant?


Questioning the Author; Page 96

Tompkins, G. E. (2013). 50 literacy strategies: step by step. Boston: Pearson.

This strategy includes first analyzing the text, then developing questions, reading the book, asking the questions, and continue to read and ask questions. Finally there is a discussion about the book. This allows the students to develop questions as they go so they are gaining a deeper understanding of the book. They are also reading the book in chunks/sections so they are giving themselves time to really grasp the content.