1. Extra Yarn
  2. Barnett, M., Klassen, J., & Weise, C. (2012). Extra yarn. New York: Balzer & Bray.
  3. Annabelle finds a box of colorful yarn and starts knitting. No matter how much she knits, she does not run out of yarn. The archduke tries to steal the box, but it does not work for him and Annabelle ends up getting her box back.
  4. Fable
  5. 2nd-3rd
  6. Readers, who are learning about the impact they can have on the world around them despite those who try to stop you, would like this book.
  7. 4/4. The words and outstanding artwork in this book work together to tell a good tale. They teach lessons that require the reader to understand the text and think deeply about it.
  8. Why does the box not work for the archduke?