Anna Flynn

The Giver

Lowry, L. (1993). The giver.

Jonah lives in a utopian society. The main idea is plainness, everyone is exactly alike and no one has true feelings. When Jonah is given the gift of memory on his 12th birthday he realized what is truly wrong with the society he lives in.

Science Fiction

This would be a good book for 8th graders. The concepts are in depth and give the reader a lot to discuss. With 8th graders you could generate a lot of great discussions through out the novel.

I can’t believe I hadn’t read this book until now. It really goes along with the saying “Ignorance is bliss”. Is a world with no war, pain, suffering, or choice really better then the world we live in now? A big question to ponder through out the story. At the end it leaves you with a totally open ended interpretation of the book so you’re able to make your own idea of what happens at the end.

What was Jonas given on his 12th birthday?

  1. Quickwrites
  2. Quickwrites are casual writings that students use to explore a topic and respond to a question. There is a lot of open ended questions with The Giver, so this would be a good strategy for this book.
  3. They help students reflect on the story and prepare for discussions. It also tests their comprehension of what they read.