Reference: Kostecki-Shaw, J. (2011). Same, Same but Different. New York: Holt & Company.

  • Culturally Diverse Book

Brief Annotation: This book is about two boys named Elliot and Kailash. They become pen pals and Elliot in from America and tells Kailash what it is like where he lives and what his school is like and who he lives with. Kailash lives in India and shares the samethings with Elliot, they discover even though they live on opposite sides of the world and live different lives they are still very alike. They both live with family, go to school on a bus, have favorite school subjects, and like to climb trees. The things they both do maybe a little different but they are still very much the same.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who will like this: All students will like this book, the pictures in the book are exciting to look at, the story of friendship is something every student can relate too. And students who are culturally diverse will like this book to because it tells them they are the same as everyone but a little different.

Rating/Response 1-5: 5, I loved this book it wonderfully described how the two characters were different but mostly the same. The illustrations were fun to look at as well. This book does an excellent job explaining to children that some people may look different from you, their family lives maybe different from yours. But despite those differences your mostly the same.

Text-Dependent Question: After reading this book and looking at the pictures can you make an educated guess where Elliot and Kailash are from?