Reference: Raskin, E. (1978). The Westing Game. New York: Scholastic Inc.

  • Mystery Novel

Brief Annotation: This book is about a millionaire named Sam Westing, Sam was a very sucessful business man and earned his fortune by turning his paper product company into a huge corporation. Sam was also known for being eccentric and loved to play games. Sam Westing is murdered, and after his death sixteen people are invited to Sunset Towers (apartment building) on Lake Michigan to hear Sam Westings will where they are all named Mr. Westing’s heirs to his 200 million dollar fortune. However the will is set up like a puzzle. The 16 people are then paired up and sent to start to figure out the mystery of Sam Westing’s will. As the game progresses secrets and hidden truths about the heirs begin to surface, and some heirs are strangers to Sam and another may even in fact be Sam Westing’s murder. As the book goes on the heirs get closer and closer to solving the will.

Genre: Fiction (Mystery)

Grade Level: 5 and above based on reading ability 

Readers who will like this: Students that are able to read chapter books with no pictures will enjoy reading this book, especially if the student is interested in mystery books. I also think a reader who is interested in being a business owner may enjoy this book as well.

Rating/Response 1-5: 4, this book was amazing and kept me on my toes while reading it. I enjoy reading mystery book especially because of the twists that occur that you do not always see coming. The author is a wonderful job painting a picture in my head about how the puzzle of figuring out Mr. Westing’s will would of been like for the heirs.

Text-Dependent Question: What do you think the message the author is trying to relay about the importance of money?