Anna Flynn

Ivy and Bean

Barrows, A., & Blackall, S. 2006). Ivy + Bean. California: Chronicle Books LLC

Ivy and Bean are two young girls, who since they have met insist they will never be friends. Ivy likes to wear dresses and put her hear in headbands, while Bean is more of a tomboy. Bean insists Ivy most be boring, until one day Bean plays a trick on her older sister. She needs Ivy’s help to get away with it.

Contemporary Realistic Fiction

Ivy and Bean would be a perfect book for kids moving on from beginning readers. It has very short chapters and still incorporates pictures through out the story. It also would be a fun option to read out loud to a class because Ivy and Bean get into all sorts of adventures.

I really liked this book. It reminds me a lot of the type of books I used to read as a kid. I went through my nanny girl’s book collection and found this one and she recommended it to me. The girls are silly and get into all sorts of misshape and that kind of stuff really appeals to young readers. The chapters are nice and short but still challenging enough for a new reader. I also like how it is an entire series, so if children enjoy them they have a lot to chose from.

Where was Ivy’s special spot?