Title: A Big Guy Took My Ball by Mo Willems

APA Citation: Willems, M. (2013). A Big Guy Took My Ball! New York: Hyperion Books for Children.

Short Annotation: This is about a a pig who cries to his friend elephant that a big guy took his big ball. The elephant decides to go confront the big guy only until he realizes this big guy was a blue whale. He didn’t get the ball back and they complain that big guys get all the fun. The blue whale comes long and says that no one ever wants to play with him and that the little guys get all the fun. They all play together to have fun.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Intended Audience: I said this book could be for kindergartners through second graders because they are at a stage where they should learn about being kind to one another and sharing.

Personal Rating: 10/10, I really liked this book. The illustrations were very cute and the meaning of the book was great. It teaches young children to not assume something about someone just because of their physical appearance. We never know how someone feels on the inside.

Text-Dependent Question: “What was the elephant’s name? What did he say to the pig when he saw the “big guy”?”