Title: Moses: When Harriet Tubman led her people to freedom. By: Carole Boston Weatherford; Illustrated by Kadir Nelson.

Bibliographic Information:

Weatherford, C.B.& Nelson, K. (2006). Moses: when harriet tubman led her people to freedom. New York: Disney.

Short Annotation: This book was about Harriet Tubman, who was a slave and had enough of the cruel treatment the slave owners presented. She used her faith, and freed all the slaves she could  from the plantations.

Genre: Non- Fiction

Grade Level: 2- 5

Intended Readers: Students who want to learn more about who Harriet Tubman is, and her accomplishments in history. Also to learn more about slavery, and tell the ways how some slaves escaped to freedom.

Personal Response: I thought this book was extremely interesting, because of brave and courageous Harriet Tubman was, risking her own life to save others. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, because of how much I learned from reading this book.

Text Dependent Question: How did Harriet Tubman escape to Pennsylvania to freedom?