1. Mother Goose: Numbers on the Loose
  2. Dillon, L., & Dillon, D. (2007). Mother Goose: Numbers on the loose. Orlando: Harcourt.
  3. This book takes Mother Goose nursery rhymes and highlights the numbers in them to help teach numbers. Along with each nursery rhymes is a fun and comical illustration of the rhyme, usually with representation of the numbers in that rhymes.
  4. Nursery rhymes
  5. K
  6. Students learning to read and count would enjoy this book.
  7. 4/4. It is helpful that the students to be able to relate what they are learning to something they already know, which is what this book does. They are able to pick out the numbers in something they likely relate to, the nursery rhymes (some probably read at home or in class before), and then count the items in the illustrations.
  8. How far is it from Wibbleton to Wobbleton?