Title: The Bat Boy and His Violin

Citation: Curtis, G., & Lewis, E. B. (2001). The Bat Boy & His Violin. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks.

Annotation: Reginald is a boy who loves to play the violin. however when his father recruits him as the bat boy for his base ball league. Reginald is upset that he has to be the bat boy for this team as they are not very good. However when Reginald starts playing his violin in the dugout the team starts to win. Then Reginald’s father comes to realize that his son has a real talent in the violin.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: 1st-3rd grade

Readers who would like this book: Readers would like this book if they enjoy sports or playing the violin or any other instrument.

Rating and Response: I would give this book a 10. I really enjoyed this book and I think would be enjoyable for kids to read. I also think that it teaches a valuable lesson, and that is to never give up on your dreams.

Text Dependent Question: What song does Reginald play on his violin when he is sad and quiet?