Title: The Graves Family By: Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco Book

Bibliographic Information:

Polacco, P., & Gauch, P.L. (2003). The graves family. New York: Philomel Books.

Short Annotation:  This book was about  how the Graves family had moved to Union City, and how they didn’t fit in. Having  giant spiders, a secret laboratory , and Phoebe, the  Venus Flytrap all in the house. The neighbors were scared to  befriend them, and to visit their home. Expect for Seth and Sara, who decided to make them their friends.

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: 2 – 5

Intended Readers: Students who enjoy Halloween, and spooky illustrations. This book teaches students that just because a family is different, doesn’t mean you should treat them any different.

Personal Response: This was a hilarious book, because it reminded me of Halloween. The characters had their own personalities, that really spoke through in the illustrations.

Text Dependent Question: How many little children did Mrs. Graves have?