Title: Tuesday

Citation: Wiesner, D. (1992). Tuesday. New York, N.Y: Trumpet Club.

Annotation: This wordless book gives the readers room to interpret what happened. The very few words that are included in this book have to do with time. In the evening hours after 8 frogs leave their ponds and go on their flying lily pads and fly around the neighborhood. The frogs chase dogs, and break into peoples houses to watch TV. However when the sun comes up the frogs the frogs leave their lily pads on the road and hop back to their ponds before anyone wakes up. In the end the police are left to investigate where all the lily pads came from that were all over the city.

Genre: Wordless Picture Book

Grade level: K-1st grade

Readers who would like this book: Children would like this book if they liked to use their imagination and make up stories. Children would also like this book if they liked to read books with animals in them.

Rating and Response: I would give this book a 6. I really liked all the illustrations and colors in the book. However I wish the book included more pictures of other activities that the frogs did while they were flying on their lily pads.

Text Dependent Question: What Activities did the frogs do when they went out for the night?