Title: Viva Frida

Citation: Morales, Y., & O’Meara, T. (2014). Viva Frida!

Annotation: This book is about Frida’s life and the way she lives. Frida Plays and Dreams, and Loves, etc. The illustrations are both pictures and paintings and the words are both in Spanish and English.

Genre: Picture Book

Grades: K-1st grade

Readers who would like this books: Children who like to read books with interesting illustrations and pictures would enjoy this book. Also children would like this book if they want to learn some simple Spanish words.

Rating and Response: I would give this book a 3. I didn’t really like this book as it was difficult for me to follow and understand. I also thought that the combinations of paintings and pictures was a little strange. However I did like how the author combined Spanish in English into the book.

Text Dependent Question: What activities does Frida do in the book?