Title: Bully

Reference: Polacco, P. (2012). Bully. New York, NY: The Penguin Group.

Brief annotation: Lyla is new to the school and after joining the cheerleading team and getting good grades the three most popular girls befriend her. After spending time with them, she realizes that they are bullies, especially to her best friend Jamie. To get back at Lyla for leaving them, they try to frame her for compromising a state test. She is cyber bullied, but her best friend Jamie finds a way to trace the bullying to Gage (the leader of the popular girls) and remembers that he saw Gage steal the state test. While her name was cleared the bullying did not stop and people still treated her badly.

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grade level: 4.1

Interest level: Students in grades 2-4 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: This book is relevant to the society that today’s students live in. It cautions students to make friends with people who are kind to others and to report cyber bullying. It frames the story in a way that is easy to understand and poses questions to the reader about what the reader would do in this situation.

Text-dependent questions: Why did Lyla stop spending time with Jamie?