Title: Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear

Reference: Mattick, L. (2015). Finding Winnie: The True Story of the World’s Most Famous Bear.

Annotation: A veterinarian named Harry was set to go to war to take care of the horses. While stopping at White River, he met Winnie and from that day on until Harry had to set sail for France they never were apart.

Genre: Non-fiction

Grade level: 3-6

Readers who would like this: Readers that like real stories, human-animal relationships.

Rating: 4. It’s a beautiful story of Winnie and Harry, and it gives out the origin of Winnie-the-pooh.

Text-dependent question: How would you describe the relationship between Harry and Winnie?

Strategy: Story Retelling

  1. Introduce the story
    1. I will introduce the story by ready the title, examining the cover of the book, and talking about the real life story of Winnie.
  2. Reading the story
    1. I will read the story aloud for the whole class
  3. Discuss the story
    1. After finishing the story, we will discuss the story by sharing ideas and clarifying confusions
  4. Graphic organizer
    1. students will create graphic organizers or a series of drawings to guide their retelling
  5. Students retell the story
    1. Students will retell the story individually using their own words. I will assist with prompting questions if it’s necessary