Bibliographic information: Minnema, C., & Ballinger, W. (2014). Hungry Johnny.

Annotation: This is about a Native American boy who goes to a large feast, and learns to be patient. He has to wait to eat until all of the elders have eaten, out of respect. He learns these things about his culture from his grandma.

 Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: k-2

Readers who will like this book:  People who are learning about Native Americans, people who need to learn patience, or maybe even people who are hungry.

Personal Response and Rating: 4.5/5. I thought this was a cute book, and it would keep readers engaged. I thought it could have went a tad bit more into the culture, because only one small aspect was being brought up here.

Text Dependent Question: Why did Johnny have to wait so long to eat? What do you think Johnny could do to practice patience? What do you think he learned from the experience?