Title: Journey

Reference: Becker, A. (2013). Journey. Somerville, MA: Candlewick Press.

Brief annotation: The main character’s family is preoccupied with technology so she uses a magic marker to draw a door to an imaginary world where she frees and bird who then helps her escape to a door drawn by another character. They end up becoming friends and draw together.

Genre: Fantasy

Grade level: LEX NP. This is a wordless book so this reading level means that the book is more than 50% non-traditional text.

Interest level: Students in grades PreK-2 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: I loved the way the book shows that creative play is a door to unlimited fun and that it is something that can be done together. The book also makes a statement that being preoccupied with technology is sad when there are people to interact and spend time with.

Text-dependent question: Where does the purple bird lead the main character?