Bibliographic Information: Woelfle, G., & Delinois, A. (2014). Mumbet’s Declaration of Independence. Minneapolis, MN: Carolrhoda Books.

Brief Annotation:Mumbet’s does not have a real name and people call her Bett or Betty. She is a slave to Mr and Mrs. Ashley. One day as she was serving her master and the men in her master home. She over hear them talking about how all men are born equal and free. She wants that for herself and ask the lawyer who was there to help her be free. She changed her name to Elizabeth Freeman after she was free.

Genre: Non-Fiction

Grade Level: 2-4

Readers who will like this book: Readers who want to be brave and to stand up for themselves.

Response and Ratings: Mumbet is a really strong character and she is willing to fight for her freedom. I enjoyed this book very much.

Question: What does the author mean when she said that ” All menace born free and equal”?