Reference: Shannon, D. (1998). Do, David! New York: Scholastic.

  • Award Winning Book: Caldecott 1999

Brief Annotation: David is a little boy who often finds himself getting into trouble, all his mom ever says is “No David!” “Stop that David”. But even through David does some pretty naughty things like chewing with his mouth open. He knows his mom still loves him.

Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this: Students who like silly books will like this, the pictures are really fun to look at. Any student who has ever done anything like David does in the story will enjoy this book as well.

Rating/Response 1-5: 5, I really enjoyed reading this book because the illustrations are very colorful and unqiue looking. I also enjoyed all the naughty things David kept doing becuase it reminded me of my childhood.

Text-Dependent Question: What sport was David trying to play in the house? 

Tompkins Strategy: Learning logs: Teachers have students write in learning logs or journals to make reflections, ask questions,or  write summaries. This is a very good strategy to use becuase it gets students to practice writing. I would use this strategy for younger or older students, younger students draw a picture older students write about a time they were doing something that their parents said not too. Because as we read No, David! David would do a lot of things he was not suppose to do but did it anyway until his mother told him otherwise. This is a good strategy to use becuase it helps the students connect more to the book becuase of all us like David have done things our parents did not want us to do, like play baseball in the house. This would be a fun activity because it allows the students to make up something or draw from their experience of something they or David might do that his mom would not like him doing in the house.