Title: Poetry for Young People; Emily Dickinson; By: Emily Dickinson

Edited By: Frances Schoonmaker Bolin

Bibliographic Information:

Poetry for young people: Emily Dickinson (2003). Barnes & Noble, Inc.

Short Annotation: This book is about how Emily Dickinson saw the world, through things that are filled with magical charm, and beauty. This book has hidden secrets of the everyday world.

Genre: Historical  Fiction

Grade Level: 2-5

Intended Readers: This is a great book to teach about Poetry, and Emily Dickinson to students. This book is very nature based, so learning about different types of trees, insects and animals. Also teaching about similes, metaphors, personification, and vocabulary.

Personal Response: I thought this book was a interesting poetry book, because how much they compare everyday things to nature. I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars, because of how Emily Dickinson portrays her poetry.

Text Dependent Question: What do they compare hope to on page 8?

Reading Strategies:

Choral Reading; Students will be able to hear other students and or the teacher read poems out loud. Having the ability to hear the sounding of each word, and the emphasize in the teachers voice. You can also divide the class, into smaller groups, and have the students learn different reading techniques.

Rationale: This strategy is appropriate, because it gives the students the opportunity to learn from each other.