Title: Ten Little Rabbits

Reference: Grossman, V., Long, S. (1991). Ten Little Rabbits. San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC.

Brief annotation: This counting book focuses on groups of rabbits that are carrying out what seems to be daily tasks of Native Americans. The last two pages that explain which tribe would usually do what activity, confirm this intended attachment. This page includes a weaving that is characteristic of each tribe. These ten weavings can be seen on the ten rabbits on the last page.

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: 1.8

Interest level: Students in grades K-3 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: I am not exactly sure how I feel about this book because it feels like using rabbits to showcase this culture in a way dehumanizes the cultural traditions and daily tasks. The last two pages of the book relieve some of these feelings because it gives a description of each tribe with a weaving that is characteristic of the tribe. These last two pages can be used to talk about the tribes and their customs. I still have concerns about whether or not this is an appropriate and culturally respectful way to showcase these customs.

Text-dependent question: What do the rabbits sleep in?