Bibliographic Information: Yorinks, A., Yorinks, A., & Wang, J. (1999). The Alphabet Atlas. Delray Beach, FL: Winslow Press.

Short Annotation: The book goes through the alphabet in a very unique way. It goes through the alphabet by introducing the reader to different countries in the world.

Genre: Informational Text

Grade Level: K-2

Readers who will like this book: readers who are interested in geography, readers who like to see fascinating quilt work, readers who like to read alphabet books

Personal Response/Rating: 4- I love that this book not only teaches the reader the alphabet, but it also teaches them about the different countries in the world. It also includes facts about the place.

Text-Dependent Question: How does the author help you learn the alphabet?

Reading Strategy Connection: Alphabet Books – This strategy allows students to make an alphabet book as a class to be able to expand their vocabulary by working with words. This strategy is an appropriate instructional match for this children’s book because it allows students to think of other words that start with each letter of the alphabet.