Bibliographic Information: Pinkney, J., & Aesop. (2009). The Lion & The Mouse. New York: Little Brown and Co. Books for Young Readers.

Short Annotation: This fable is about a mouse who disturbs a sleeping lion. The lion attempts to eat him, but decides to let the mouse go. And when the lion is in trouble the mouse saves him because the lion didn’t eat him.

Genre: Fiction – Fable

Grade Level: K-3

Readers who will like this book: readers who like to read books about kindness, readers who like to read fables, readers who like to read books about animals

Personal Response/Rating: 4- A great wordless fable! The details on the illustrations allow you to get the story and understand the message the author is trying to tell the reader.

Text-Dependent Question: What is the author’s message to his readers?