Title: The Real Mother Goose

Reference: Wright, B. F. (1992). The Real Mother Goose. New York, NY: Barnes & Noble Books.

Brief annotation: This is a collection of poetry for children. Each poem tells a story and many of the poems teach lessons. Some of them were warnings for children in order to keep them safe; others were about daily occurrences for instance a fight between sisters.

Genre: Fables, Poetry

Grade level: PreK-2

Interest level: Students in grades PreK-3 would be interested in this book.

Personal response: The sheer number of poems surprised me. Also the graphic and violent nature of some of the poems was shocking. I really liked the one about keeping children from playing on ice as it teaches parents how to prevent their children from dying in the winter.

Text-dependent question: Why did the two sisters have a falling out? (Answer: One liked coffee and the other liked tea)