Title: The Sleepy Little Alphabet

Reference: Sierra, J. (2009). The Sleepy Little Alphabet. New York: Alfred A. Knopf

Annotation: The alphabet town is ready to go to bed each letter has something to do before they go to sleep.

Genre: Fiction

Grade level: K-3

Readers who would like this book: Children learning the ABC’s

Rating: 4. It gave each letter an action and used the same letter in the sentence to describe what it was doing. The reader can see how the letter looks like and how it’s pronounced and used in a sentence at the same time.

Text-dependent question: which letter was quiet as a bunny?

Strategy #2 Alphabet books

I would write the alphabet on a piece of paper to make a word wall and leave enough space for the students to write words for each letter of the alphabet. With the words that are already created, each student will pick out a word that they can best explain through their writing and art. Once students have chosen their word, they will create a page about their word. It will include the letter that they wanted an illustration and text. After they revised and edit their draft, they will make a final copy, and everyone will put their pages together to make an alphabet book.