Bibliographic information: Barnett, M., Klassen, J., & Weise, C. (2012). Extra yarn. New York: Balzer & Bray.

Annotation: This is about a little girl who knits sweaters for her and her dog and still has extra yarn in her box, so she knits sweaters for everyone and everything. She knits sweaters for just about everything and she never runs out of yarn, and when the pirate tried to steal her yarn there was nothing there.

 Genre: Fiction

Grade Level: k-3

Readers who will like this book: People who like to knit, children learning the value of what they have, children learning not to steal.

Personal Response and Rating: 5/5. This was a cute book, and it was funny to everything that the girl made sweaters for, I think that it would get kid’s imaginations running wild. It’s also super cool, because I got to hear the author read this book aloud!

Text Dependent Question: Why was there no string in the box when the pirate got it? Does it take the girl a long time to knit these sweaters?